Meet Tracy

Title: Boss Lady

Specializes in: Planning, design and oversight of everything TTWD

Favorite Tastemaker: Coco Chanel

Dream event: An intimate cocktail party in Coco’s rooftop apartment at 31 Rue Cambon with a French singer accompanied by violin, elderflower cocktails and endless caviar blinis.

Inspired by: Travel, fine dining, manicured gardens, Neoclassical architecture, metallic tweed fabrics, black and white everything, soy chai lattes, dance parties and big smiles.

Meet Matt

Title: Master of The Arts (and Founder of Paper With Benefits™)

Specializes in: Graphic design and illustration

Favorite tastemaker: Klaus Biesenbach

Dream event: An indoor/outdoor affair held at a beachfront mansion with a festive bar serving classic cocktails and a jazz band cranking out favorites.

Inspired by: Live music, museums and galleries, hand lettering, the ocean, double macchiatos, playing guitar, dedication and thoughtfulness.

Meet Daulton

Title: Organizer of Everything

Specializes in: Planning and coordination

Favorite Tastemaker: Jenna Lyons

Dream Event: A black tie after party for the attendees of the Academy Awards perfectly juxtaposed with gourmet finger food, a craft beer tasting bar and killer band.

Inspired by: Cooking, boating, hiking, lifestyle blogs and magazines, mimosas, positivity, and smart proactive people.

Meet Gia

Title: Resident Sweetheart

Specializes in: On-site coordination and styling

Favorite Tastemaker: Kate Middleton

Dream Event: A late summer night soiree in a cozy yet elegant setting roasting s’mores over an open fire and leaving guests with a teaspoon of nostalgia.

Inspired by: The beach, fusion food, J.Crew, friends and family, Broadway shows, little daily moments of awe and stories of success.

Meet Samantha

Title: Social Butterfly

Specializes in: On-site coordination and styling

Favorite Tastemaker: Kate Moss

Dream Event: A small dinner party complete with twinkling lights, cashmere throws and delicious bites, which turns into an all night dance party.

Inspired by: Brunch, long drives, the color blue, big ideas, Neutral Milk Hotel, a well-made bed, and Autumn.

Meet Brenna

Title: Style Maven

Specializes in: On-site coordination and styling

Favorite Tastemaker: Giambattista Valli

Dream Event: Debuting my own bridal collection during Fashion Week and designing/producing the runway show complete with a floor to ceiling backdrop made of magnolia branches and wisteria.

Inspired by: People everyday- their personalities, wardrobes, emotions, actions, talents, and opinions.

Meet Michael

Title: Builder Extraordinaire

Specializes in: Custom furniture and event production

Favorite Tastemaker: Ralph Lauren

Dream event: A destination event in the Caribbean with delicious cocktails, local music, custom-made cabanas, and authentic cuisine.

Inspired by: Antique shops, nature, art galleries, techy toys, and exploring different continents.

Meet Kristina

Title: Countess of Flowers

Specializes in: Floral design

Favorite Tastemaker: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Dream event: A milestone birthday celebration on a beautiful vineyard beginning with a wine, cheese and fruit tasting, and ending with a delicious private dinner in the wine cellar.

Inspired by: New York, history, clean lines, a great novel, different cultures… Just about everything around me.

Meet Cooper & Bailey

Title: Welcome Committee

Specializes in: Showering clients with attention and puppy kisses

Favorite Tastemaker: Lassie

Dream event: A Puppy Bowl party during the Super Bowl with life size bones, personal trainers to play fetch, and a freshly cooked grass-fed beef slider station.

Inspired by: Doorbells, cooked chicken, raw vegetables, cookie treats, naps, plush pillows, and socks.

Photography by Ira Lippke of Ira Lippke Studios