Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of working with you?

You can rely on our expertise to make every aspect of your event planning and design process easy and enjoyable. Planning a milestone event takes an incredible amount of work, creativity, and organization. For a non-professional, the average celebration takes over four hundred hours to plan. Our mission is to save you this time while making sure you feel extremely well taken care of every step of the way. Working with us allows you to keep all of your event planning AND design needs under one roof, saving you from overseeing countless moving parts, managing numerous vendors and spending endless time researching everything from locations to wedding etiquette. We match you with the world’s top vendors and negotiate contracts and packages to ensure you get the best value. Our in-house floral design services and proprietary planning tools make the entire process extremely efficient and well organized. This allows you to relax and concentrate solely on the fun aspects of your event, without wasting any time on the minutiae.

I see that you are a planner/designer. How is that different than just a planner?

Planners handle the logistical details of an event such as choosing and managing vendors, and making sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. Designers create a cohesive vision for an event by weaving together all of the aesthetic elements in a visually stunning way. We do both planning and design, an approach that sets us apart in the industry. Unlike most planners who do not have formal design training—we do. With artistry and imagination, we envision and design the look of your celebration. Our clients come to us for our taste, style, and ability to design an event that is elegant yet understated, modern yet timeless. Furthermore, with an in-house floral and decor production service, plus a paper goods division, we offer the opportunity to handle every design element with one firm. This is not only logistically easier for you; it also unifies every aspect of your party.

I want to get married this year, but we are in the middle of a pandemic. What options do you offer?

You can absolutely still have a beautiful and celebratory wedding that’s small in size and accommodates social distancing protocols. We created our all-inclusive Micromony™ package for couples who want to have an elegant, small-scale event. This package includes an on-site coordinator, officiant, photographer, a live musician, a bouquet, and a petite wedding cake. If you prefer to have everything customized, we can design a Micromony™ event specifically tailored to you.

What types of weddings and events do you specialize in?

Many people hire us for our style and ability to create weddings and events that are incredibly beautiful, yet never pretentious or over-the-top. We are known for creating sophisticated, chic, and refined celebrations that are heartfelt, highly personalized and exceptionally fun! We specialize in events held in historic spaces, storied museums, and yet equally enjoy working in private homes, hotels, and raw spaces.

Do you charge for an initial consultation?

Our initial consultation is always complimentary. It is an opportunity to learn more about what to expect with event planning, designing, and the day-of. During the consultation we walk you through the entire process from beginning to end and discuss how we can help you achieve your ideas and goals. The consultation is an important first step and will help you determine if we are the right match for each other. The design and planning process is a time-intensive one so it is essential that you work with a team that you truly connect with and trust.

My venue provides an on-site coordinator. Do I need to hire an event planner too?

Yes! On-site coordinators are responsible for making sure everything handled by the venue runs smoothly on the day of the event. Their focus is on managing the location’s kitchen, waitstaff, and food and beverage team. They are not designers or planners, so details like working with a band on music selection, creating a shot list with a photographer, or choosing the bridal party’s attire—wouldn’t be handled by them. Because they are busy overseeing hundreds of events simultaneously, they simply aren’t able to provide the same level of attention throughout the process as you would have working with a planner. We purposely only work on a very select number of events per year in order to provide exponentially more time and a higher quality of service for our clients.

I have a demanding job and not a lot of free time to plan my event but I still want to be very involved. What's the best approach for this?

Our clients hire us to lead the process, match them with the perfect creative partners and design a gorgeous event. We love collaborating with our clients and, of course, you make all the final decisions. However, trusting our expert advice, insight, and guidance will not only save you an incredible amount of time but will also ensure that the end result meets the high standards we are known for and that our clients have come to expect.

Can you plan events anywhere in the world?

Absolutely! We have planned exceptional events around the world including Napa Valley, the Caribbean, and Europe. To support some of our most popular event locations, we have two flagship TTWD offices in the United States—New York City and South Florida.

Will you work with vendors I have already found or people I want to work with?

We are completely open to speaking with new vendors. To ensure the quality and professionalism of your event, we have a vendor vetting process in place to make sure we always collaborate with skilled, reliable, and seasoned professionals that have the ability to work at a very high level.

How can we get started with the event planning process?

We would love to collaborate with you to create a stunning and unforgettable event. Please fill out our contact form to schedule your complimentary consultation and start the planning process!

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